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Facial Treatments

Do something good for yourself

Are you stressed, constantly working at full speed and want to relax and do something good for your skin at the same time? With a pampering facial treatment you are exactly rith!

Facial Treatments

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Classic Facial Treatment Cleaning, peeling, correcting eyebrows, mask, massage 60 Min. € 65,00
Tailor made to your needs Cleaning, peeling, deep cleansing, correcting eyebrows, mask, massage 90 Min. € 115,00
Eyebrow tinting - - € 13,00
Eyelash Tinting - - € 15,00
Wimpern und Augenbrauen färben - - € 25,00
Day Make-Up Type specific advice and execution 20 Min. € 32,00

Facial treatment especially for teenagers and children

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Basic cleansing Deep cleansing (removal of acne and skin impurties) indicidual face mask, care cream 45 Min. € 60,00

2 in 1 ultrasonic device treatment

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Cleansing Peeling with Ultrasonic Skin Mask Ampoule with ultrasound, massage, final care, perfect skin, elasticity, vecomes smoother and looks younger 90 Min. € 120,00

For your most beautiful moments

Treatment Description Minutes Price
For your most beautiful moments Cleansing, tinting of the eyelashes, tinting and fusing of the eyebrows, soothing eye box, gentle massage of the eye contour 45 Min. € 55,00

Pure man thing

Treatment Description Minutes Price
Pure men´s business Deep peeling, gentle peeling, correcting eyebrows, removing skin impurities, toning, massage for face, neck and tail, skin-friendly finishing cream (please get a good result - shave bevore!) 60 Min € 65,00

Ideal combination treatment

Treatment Minutes Price
Small facial treatment including day make-up 80 Min € 90,00
Small facial treatment including pedicure 90 Min € 115,00
Small facial treatment including manicure 90 Min € 99,00

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