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Das einzige Hotel in Going, das nicht an der Hauptverkehrsstraße liegt.


Pure relaxation

Lie down, skin in, feel the warmth, experience weightlessness - the Haslauer Soft-Pack lounger is pure goodness for your joints. Free floating, infinite lightness.

Classic full body massage

With gentle kneading and stroking, tensions are released and the muscles revived. Well-being and relaxation for the entire body.

Treatment Minutes Price
Classic full body massage 50 Min. € 68,00
Classic full body massage 80 Min. € 94,00

Half body massage (back-neck or legs)

Aching back or legs? Here you will have quick relief and be doing so much better!

Treatment Minutes Price
Half body massage (back-neck or legs) 25 Min. € 40,00

Aroma oil relaxation massage

Full body massage with precious warm oils. Relaxation for body and soul.

Treatment Minutes Price
Aroma oil relaxation massage 50 Min. € 73,00
Aroma oil relaxation massage 80 Min. € 100,00

Foot reflex zone massage

Every human body part is reflected in our feet. It will activate the energy pathways in the body.

Treatment Minutes Price
Foot reflex zone massage 25 Min. € 44,00
Foot reflex zone massage 50 Min. € 72,00

Ideal combination

Back, Neck and Foot reflex zone massage.

Treatment Minutes Price
Ideal combination 25 Min. € 44,00
Ideal combination 50 Min. € 75,00

Neck special

Everything pulls in the neck / shoulder area and hurts even slightly? It´s time with special massage techniques to ease tension carefully!

Treatment Minutes Price
Neck special 25 Min. € 44,00
Neck special 50 Min. € 66,00

Gentle spine masssage according to Dorn and Breuss

With gentle pressure - energy, the atlas and spine are centered. Communication and energy flow between brain and body is increased. Very beneficial, especially helps with migraines, insomnia, tinnitus, etc.

Treatment Minutes Price
Gentle spine massage according to Dorn and Breuss 25 Min. € 45,00
Gentle spine massage according to Dorn and Breuss 50 Min. € 73,00

Children´s massage

For our little guests.

Treatment Minutes Price
Children´s massage 25 Min. € 30,00

Manipulatice massage according to Dr. Terrier

Muscular imbalance, arthrosis, myofacial pain syndrome, restricted movility after trauma or surgery

Treatment Minutes Price
Manipulative massage according to Dr. Terriers 25 Min. € 48,00

Manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder

Draining, decongesting, detoxifying, calming, and strengthens the immune system

Treatment Minutes Price
Manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder 25 Min. € 49,00
Manual lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder 50 Min. € 74,00

Scar removal

Chronic tiredness, chronic pain, inflammation, listlessness, psychological cpmplaints, bad posture, lack of energy

Treatment Minutes Price
Scar treatment 15 Min. € 30,00

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