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Das einzige Hotel in Going, das nicht an der Hauptverkehrsstraße liegt.

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Family holiday Wilder Kaiser

When harmony between house and landscape is right, a wonderful whole emerges. We built the house. The landscape is a gift of god. And he had its wasteful day, when he created this splendid spot earth at the foot of the Kaisergebirge.

Price overview

Season Accommodation Price
Summer Hotel & Suiten € 162,00 - 240,00
Winter Hotel & Suiten € 165,00 - 240,00

Prices are per person

As a guest you should be our emperor. Whether in our wellness hotel or in the Kaiserschlössl - you can enjoy the luxurious amenities of our houses and the little extras that you can not "install" even in the most beautiful hotel: hospitality and a family atmosphere ...

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